About ME

My name is Anthony Gordon.  I’m an award winning, gallery represented fine art photographer, who has specialized in fine art nude photography for over 15 years.  My work has hung in over 50 galleries all over the United States coast to coast from New York to California, from Oregon to Florida,  and worldwide from as far as Hungary, Canada, Britain, and Croatia.  I’ve dedicated a lifetime to producing beautiful meaningful images and have the resume to prove it.

A few years back I started this site, Mahogany Essence, a website dedicated to the art of beautiful, creative fine art nude images of black women.  A celebration of the unique skintones, curves, hair that is the African female.  Mahogany Essence now has a vast library of over 500 images that celebrate the unique skintones, curves and hair that is the woman of African descent.  The wide range of looks and features that are often ignored in the mainstream.  Beautiful powerful images that hold the imagination, allow one to wonder at the wonder of beauty that is often misrepresented or just plain missing.  And during my journey as a photographer, I’ve come across other great photographers and models, who’s work I admire and respect and view in awe myself.  Mahogany Essence will be the place where these images will be featured and displayed for those who are searching that something special.  Artists who aren’t just taking a snapshot, but artists who are very particular in their lighting, their posing, their framing and concepts.  Where each image viewed is indeed a work of art.

The Beauty of The Black Female Form